Design of a Masonry BBQ

The design of a Masonry BBQ can vary somewhat. In their standard form, they will have a chimney situated above the fireplace and grills. Made from reconstituted stone and high quality raw materials, they are available in a range of colours to subtly blend into your garden – or stand out – as required. The fireplace can be loaded with both charcoal and wood, offering the chance to exhibit different cooking styles. Many of these barbecues come with ample worktop space to aid your preparation as well as offering a comfortable cooking environment. You can find examples with or without a hood depending on your personal preference and the design ensures they keep the heat much longer than any other type of barbecue.

You will generally receive a Masonry BBQ in several parts ready for self assembly. Made of stone, the parts are simply glued together with a special type of adhesive that is provided. But fret not; you won’t need to complete an apprenticeship in bricklaying and cement mixing to assemble this masterpiece as the barbecues often come complete with masonry paint and ready mixed mortar to ensure ease when putting the barbecue together.

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