If it ain’t barbecue it ain’t food.

Welcome to Masonry BBQ

Masonry Barbecues are almost certainly the finest semi-permanent structure you could add to your garden. They’re effectively like a brick-built barbecue, and act as a barbecue, a garden focal point, a firepit and a patio heater. They make an attractive focal point in any garden and can stay in situ all year round. Masonry barbecues are manufactured from unique high-quality materials so there is no need to cover them, paint them, render them or to apply any form of treatment.

We’re here to give you help and guidance when choosing the right barbecue for your needs. We are BBQ specialists and would highly recommend a Masonry BBQ over a gas barbecue, be the envy of your friends, in real life and on Instagram, when you invite them around for that summer party.