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Masonry BBQ
Masonry BBQ

Be the envy of your street with a Masonry BBQ

If you really want to impress when having friends over then you need a Masonry BBQ, not a gas BBQ, you may just as well cook indoors with the oven!

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We all like to think that when it comes to outdoor cooking, we transform into a master chef, flipping burgers and perfecting sausages for the masses. The slight hint of sunshine on a weekend in April is all we need before cries of ‘it’s Summer!’ are heard, the shirts come off and the bbq is dusted off before being hurriedly dragged from the garage, cleaned, discovered broken and disposable versions are purchased from the local shop as an alternative.

The BBQ is quintessentially British and enjoyed throughout, from the hasty backyard gathering of a few friends sharing sausages and cider, to the extravagant lawn party complete with gazebo, champagne and a small mortgage taken out to pay for it all; it’s safe to say that the British Summer is definitely BBQ season. However if you’re growing a little tired of barbecues with no gas or spending the evening bent over double tending to your burgers on a small disposable version, perhaps it’s time to look at the other option available, namely a Masonry BBQ. If you’ve being guilty of overlooking these types of barbecues before, it’s worth exploring the benefits a Masonry BBQ can bring to those who enjoy cooking outdoors.


Something else you may be looking for is bbq recipes. Everyone likes to 'wow' when they cook a bbq for friends and family, it's never just another day cooking, it always has to be special, you want people to remember the food and go away telling people it was you that cooked it. We have a recipe section to help you achieve just this, click here to check it out.