Which Masonry BBQ?

These barbecues come in a range of different sizes and set-ups to suit your needs, garden space and look. If you are looking for an improvement in your outdoor cooking and enjoyment, basic Masonry BBQs can be picked up for less than three hundred pounds and have all the features of a more expensive one, but in a smaller more compact package. If your budget stretches a little more however, you can enjoy an impressive cooking experience with a top of the range Masonry BBQ which come in at over 2 metres tall and with ample cooking and preparation space, will be the main focus of any garden party.

So why not invest in a Masonry BBQ; a long lasting, ever-present and eye-catching fixture in your garden. Impress your friends, neighbours, children and even your dog, once everyone gets bored of you’re barbecue-related conversation topics! Once assembled and set up these barbecues will go on for years and remember, even if you’re food doesn’t end up looking that impressive, at least your barbecue will!

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