Masonry BBQ versus other Barbecues

So why choose a Masonry BBQ over a standard, cheaper option? For starters they are extremely sturdy and robust. Made from either brick or stone and, whilst they are essentially portable, they won’t be going anywhere easily as they weigh the best part of half a tonne! They’re weatherproof too. After a long, enjoyable evening and a few too many glasses of wine, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is dragging a barbecue across the lawn and into the garage.

However there’s no need to worry. A Masonry BBQ is waterproof, windproof and able to withstand the elements the unpredictable British weather throws at it and still be raring to go when the sun decides to come out again. A Masonry BBQ is not limited to cooking though. It can also be used as an outdoor heater once the sun goes down and the chill sets in, by simply loading it with wood and letting the heat warm you and your guests. And with the core fire aspect the Masonry BBQ incorporates into its design, one can use this as man has used fire for centuries; to burn stuff! And forget waiting around for your barbecue to warm up, spontaneous BBQ moments are aided by a Masonry BBQ which heats up much faster than other types, and of course retains heat meaning the party can go on and on!

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